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The Dijon metropolitan area is an exciting and dynamic hub for employment.


➡️  With nearly 100,000 jobs in the constantly growing private sector;

➡️ Greater Dijon’s population keeps growing;

➡️  40 000 students

➡️ Several engineering graduate schools, including ESEO, ESTP, AGRO SUP DIJON, CESI and ESIREM

➡️  The Burgundy School of Business: 62nd internationally and 7th in France in the 2022 Financial Times business school ranking. It is also the management school in France where students are the happiest according to the 2022 Happy At School ranking by ChooseMyCompany

➡️  Renowned training centers, such as Ecole Ferrandi and the Vatel Academy campus, which just announced its arrival in Dijon in 2026, for the hotel and catering sector and the UIMM for industry.


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Dijon Bourgogne Invest publishes your job offers on its website and social networks. 

The agency also has a strong network for recruitment services including: APEC, Créativ, the national job search agency Pôle Emploi, and private agencies in the Dijon area.

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Working with our network, we provide services to ensure you: 

  • Fully grasp the job market in your sector including salary ranges and other important data;
  • Identify the best profiles to ensure your success;

Receive pertinent labor law advice.

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